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Cafe 111 Lisgar

I have a small cafeteria show from today at the City hall’s  cafe, Cafe 111 Lisgar!

My small works include experimental works are shown there until May 29th.

If you are happen to be that area, or visiting the city hall, please drop by!




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13th ARC salon competition


I have a piece of great news to share with you!

January 19th was my one of the fastest heart beating day of the year.

Yes, the finalists announcement day of the 13th ARC salon competition.

I was super lucky to be in as a finalist and also an exhibiting artist last year…

I was so afraid to check the list, but my husband gave me a courage to do so…

I was looking for surname starting with K….








Yay! Fortunately enough I found my name! And the title “il ciclo di vita”…

ciclo di vita

Here is the work on the wall of the Shankman hall from 2017 summer show

I also found my former classmates, instructors and friends’s names.

Wow, great! Thank you so much for the instructions, guidance and encouragements!

Hurray for all the participating artists!



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ARC salon show in Barcelona, attending an award ceremony in MEAM

I finally took a vacation, I have been workaholic past few months, and went to Spain to attend the ARC salon show and the award ceremony in MEAM, Museo Europe di Arte Moderna, in Barcelona.

My quick report of Day 1

My quick report of Day 2

And here are photos from ARC.

And MEAM uploaded the video!

Barcelona was very festive mood, because of La Merce, big ocean, mild weather, my flight landed on the airport nicely and I was happy and already excited to be there.


Good food!


Spanish art!

And Gaudi!!!!

The show in MEAM will be on until November 26! If you are in Barcelona, please drop by, there are top-notch works to check out! 😀

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ARC salon show in Barcelona

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for coming to Juxtapositions, joint art show, in Shenkman arts centre, Ottawa, this Summer.  I got quite a few visitors and good and interesting feedback about my work.

And next big show will be ARC salon show at MEAM, Barcelona, Spain, September 22 – November 3.


I will attend the award ceremony to celebrate great artists with their superior creations. 🙂 I am so honoured to be a part of it this year.

And the Loft art studio’s open house will be Oct 26-29 weekend, and Nov 3-5 weekend. I will be there for Nov 3-5 and planning to have a painting/drawing party with friends. There will be a lot of art works to see, so if you are art lover, please come by!


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Thank you for coming to our Vernissage!

My first show in the city of Ottawa gallery has just started yesterday! Because of the strange weather this Summer, I was worry about the thunder rain. But luckily, no rain and sunny all day. Here is the video I took before the party start.

Yes! I fixed that crooked goldfish painting! XD Ha ha ha. I put 17 paintings all together. 😀 Because there were 7 shows open together last night, there were many people and I got good feedbacks from guests. 😀

The show will run until August 22nd. If you are in the area, please check it out! 🙂

My next show will be ARC’s traveling salon show in Barcelona in September. And as far as I know, 2 small shows in 2018. Still a lot of time, so keep on painting! XD



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Art show – Juxtapositions-

My studio friend, Margery Leach, and I present any show, Juxtapositions, at Shenkman Arts centre from Thursday, July 20th. The show is about…,

Embark on a journey from realism to abstraction, with stops in between. Two artists with different backgrounds engage viewers to explore paintings in various artistic styles through a lively, approachable, and evocative tour of their works.
If you are interested in, please come by!

The vernissage is on the 20th, between 7pm-9pm. Here is an invitation card for you!

Juxtapositions invitation

The weather seems not good… But there will be a 3 other art shows having a vernissage as well on the same night. So there will be a lot of work to enjoy! If you can’t make it on 20th, the show runs until August 22.

Hope to see you there. 😀


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MAAC (Drawing club) update

Summer has finally here! That means, more time for art (practice)! 😀

The art club offers irregular portrait workshops in July and August.

The first one is on July 8th, 1pm – 4:30pm with Mag (this is her first time modelling experience!). The fee will be $5 + shared model fee.

Only 2 spots left now, so please let me know if you want to join us!

Detail of the club, click here!